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Activance VS Minoxidil

Most of the people from what i know first start with Minoxidil treatment the hair growth cure and after some months or years change the daily routine with other hair loss product.

Recently I discovered Activance Hair Growth line and i am very curious if somebody who use in past Minoxidil and after Activance or  vice versa, can tell us about the results, side effects etc.

The Activance story begins in Europe more than 50 years ago. After World War II, when infectious diseases plagued the continent, supplements containing the health-boosting nutrient Rhodanide were given to humans and livestock in order to prevent illnesses from spreading. Unexpectedly, as scientists monitored the effects of the supplement on sheep and mink, they started to notice significant changes to the animals’ coats, including increased wool production, quality and shine.

I made some research on internet and i find a article not so good about Activance.

Sam Cohen of IHRB has been telling clients and the Department of Fair Trading that he has been selling Activance. This is a product whose claims have been Sanctioned by the Complaints Resolution Panel. After the Health Care Complaints Commission issued Mr Sam Cohen with a Prohibition Order, telling him that he is prohibited from supplying or selling any medical or scheduled medications or poisons, Mr Cohen has been telling the Authorities and his clients that he has stopped selling Minoxidil, and instead, he is selling Activance. Of all the products in the world, why did Mr Cohen decide to sell Activance at sky-high rip-off prices? Perhaps it’s because Activance had claimed that it could grow hair. Sadly, these claims are unverified, and the Complaints Resolution Panel has issued Sanctions to the makers of Activance.

Entire article can be read here.


Minoxidil VS Nanoxidil

MINOXIDIL-VS-NANOXIDILMinoxidil VS Nanoxidil, which one work better for stop hair loss and sustain hair growth.
Bellow we will go into detail about the answer to this question.

Minoxidil is a drug that was initially developed against hypertension. Clinical studies have shown that the test subjects got stronger hair growth because of the use of Minoxidil. As a lotion, it is one of the most well known treatments against hair loss. However, apart from this excellent effect, Minoxidil comes with a lot of side effects, such as heart problems, headaches, acne and local irritation. Because Minoxidil is an antihypertensive drug with hair growth as side effect, it can only be gotten from pharmacies with a prescription in the Netherlands. Women are more sensitive to Minoxidil, that is why it is recommended that women use a maximum concentration of 2%.


Nanoxidil developed by DS Laboratories was especially developed to maximize the stimulation of hair growth, by taking away the side effects of Minoxidil as a lotion and to surpass the effectiveness of stimulating hair growth. The difference between Minoxidil and Nanoxidil is mainly the difference in molecular structure. The agent Nanoxidil, which is responsible for opening the ion channels, has a larger molecular weight than Minoxidil. This is the reason it is absorbed better by the skin. Clinical studies have shown that Nanoxidil has much fewer side effects than Minoxidil. Nanoxidil lotions are now allowed to be sold as a cosmetic product. Also, women may use it in the strength of 5%. From what we know Nanoxidil is not yet approved by FDA for hair growth claim.

Comments or questions about Minoxidil or Nanoxidil?